What we charge

  • Intake Appointment              –           $200.00
  • Follow-Up Appointment       –          $150.00
  • Insurance

Medallion does not bill insurance directly and we are an “out of  network” provider. When you call for your appointment, we will discuss how you can submit our detailed receipts along with your insurance company’s claim forms for reimbursement.  Medallion does accept PEIA discounted rates.

Medicare and Medicaid recipients will not be able to submit their receipts for reimbursement because we have chosen to “Opt Out” of Medicare.

  • Why a “Fee for Service” Practice is Better for Everyone

1.  By using the fee for service model, we can see fewer clients.
This means you will be scheduled more quickly,  you can return on a schedule that fits your needs, you will be seen on time, and we can respond to phone calls and emergencies promptly. We are available to you when you need us.

2.  Therapeutic decisions such as length of time in treatment,
frequency of sessions, and the focus of sessions will be decided
by you, not your insurance company.

3.  Clients are motivated to come on time, work hard,
and finish therapy quickly. Our goal is for you to no longer need
our services.

4. Because we don’t bill insurance companies, we don’t have to inflate our rates to maximize insurance contracts. You may also choose to not submit your information to your insurance company for reimbursement if you prefer increased privacy.